Make music. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

We record music. As engineers and producers, we pride ourselves on knowing our craft, tuning in to what the music needs, and just being nice, helpful people. We’re not married to a space, which gives us the flexibility to find the room that works best for your project, not the other way around. From a traditional studio to a barn in the woods, from an airy outdoor location to a cavernous industrial spot, we’ll work with you to choose the ideal place to make your record, then we’ll supply the tools and know-how to make it happen.

We’re like weird sci-fi monsters with the head of a scientist and the heart of an artist.

Part of our job is helping you get your best take by ensuring that you’re comfortable and heard. The other part is knowing our craft. We geek out on our jobs. We’re not into gimmicks or trendy gear (though we do have some pretty kickass gear). We take pride in knowing our tools and techniques so that we’re always doing our best work for you.

Get out of the box.

You want a space where you feel comfortable doing your best work. You want a space that will shape your sound the right way. And you want a space that fits your budget. No problem. Committing sound to tape can happen anywhere and we have relationships with recording spaces to fit every need.

DIY with benefits.

You’re working from home and recording yourself? Awesome. We’re here to help you along the way. Check out our library of tips for home recorders. From mic placement to prepping for mixing, we’ve got your back.

We mix music. Listening with fresh ears to your tracks, we talk with you about your creative goals and how we can make the songs punch. We provide as much or as little creative input on the sound, instrumentation or arrangement as you like. Want a little extra love and attention for those songs? No problem. Know exactly what you want and prefer a straight mix? You got it. Whether you’ve recorded with us, at another studio, or at home, we got your back.

Mixing is the sister of recording.

It’s an opportunity for artistry as well as technical precision. It’s building songs out of raw sound. We listen to what the song is asking for and then we bring the pieces into balance so that the song punches as one cohesive work of art.

We’re your musical interpreters.

Maybe you want your bass to sound like the subway or your vocals to sound like Bowie. No problem. We’re fluent in over six million forms of music. Not only does that enable us to translate your musical vision, but it feeds and inspires our creative input so that we can help you mold and complete your sound when you want support.

We jump in where you need us.

You might know exactly what you want in the mix or you might want a guiding hand. Maybe you’re halfway through a mix, but you just want it to sound better. Whether you recorded with us, at home, or in another studio, no worries. We got you.

We master music. We take your record that final mile to a smooth, cohesive sound with just the right amount of loudness and dynamics that you’re looking for.


• FREE mix consultation
• FREE revisions (2 max)
• FREE sequencing and album assembly
• FREE DDP 2.0 image file when requested


• CD format files, 16-bit 44.1kHz PCM
• Mastered for iTunes digital files (MFiT), 24-bit with sample rates up to 96kHz
• MP3 320Kbps LAME files

The final piece of the puzzle.

You’ve spent months working on your album. Recording it. Fine-tuning it. Tracking overdubs and working through mix edits. Then you pull up the final mix right after turning off Spotify and fall down a deep, dark hole of despair. Compared to your favorite songs, it sounds thin and inconsistent. Never fear. Mastering is what gets you there.

Bring it on home.

If mixing is what brings the pieces of a song together, then mastering is what brings the songs of an album together. We listen to the record as a whole, round the sharp edges, boost the low points, and make macro adjustments to give a sense of completion and unity to your project.

We make music. Not every song comes to the studio fully-formed. We take songs from demo to completion by providing instrumentation and songwriting support.

So you need a French horn.

No worries. A string section, drummer, or throat singer? We know just the one. Whatever your song calls for, if it’s not in your wheelhouse, we can give you some options for amazing session musicians and make the arrangements.

We also make arrangements.

Literally. If you’re starting from scratch with an idea for a song, we provide arranging, songwriting, composition and production services to get you to a completed project.