Yukon Microshow

Yukon is a hard band to pin down with words. Luckily the great people over at What Weekly wrote what I couldn’t express with words:

…try imagining that the band Tool was originally a jazz trio in the 1960?s who were influenced by Pink Floyd and then caught in a temporal disturbance during a live performance that transported them through space-time. They then found themselves on the International Space Station in the year 2056 where they were forced to perform and write music while orbiting the earth. In an attempt to travel back through time back to the 1960?s, they missed their mark and ended up in 2010 where they brought their futuristic/post-rock/mind warping/jazz, but not at all jazz/brain music, to Baltimore

Anyways… I was curious as to what what Yukon would do at their microshow. Would they play loud? Would they rearrange their songs? They ended up doing a more stripped down yet articulate minimal set complete with a Lungfish cover. They kept the excitement of their normal stage show but didn’t decimate your ears with their sheer sound pressure levels. That said, this was no acoustic set where you could hear the cop cars roll up Charles Street. They brought it. Any you can re-witness it for yourself below.

Techincal info: Kick: Beta 52, Snare: Sennheiser 441, OH: Shure SM81, Tom: Sennheisser 408, Floor Tom, Sennheisser 308. Nick’s guitar: 421, Sam’s guitar: Sennheiser 509, Brad’s bass: 421, Keys: AT PZM.


Recorded on July 8, 2010 at Mobtown Studios

Drums and vocals by Nick Podgurski

Guitar by Sam Garrett

Bass by Brad Smith

Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Artwork by David Manchester