Yeveto Microshow

It’s taken me a few days to digest last week’s microshow with Yeveto. Despite Amy’s “bregnancy prain”, Russell’s 64k memory and Ben’s proposed digital drum kit, Yeveto put on a stellar show. Spinal Tap was known for their “punctuality” – Yeveto should be known for being the most well-rehearsed. And in the best way possible, between arrangement, setup and performance. I can’t thank them enough for being such a well-oiled machine. Oh and playing incredibly moving instrumental experimental film music! Thanks!

Technical info: Cello DI: REDDI, Cello amp: 421, Guitar amp: Fathead Ribbon, Banjo: Sennheiser 441, Moog & Korg synth: Alto DI, Snare: C3, Floor Tom: 421, Drum Overheads: Shure SM81


Recorded on December 10, 2009 at Mobtown Studios

Cello by Amy Cavanaugh

Keyboards by Russell de Ocampo

Drums by Ben Hoffman

Guitar by Gregory Rago

Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Artwork by David Manchester