Wing Dam Microshow

I knew Austin Tally from when he played in another band that I recorded a few years ago. They were pretty folksy. When I heard he was in a new band I instantly wanted to get in touch and see what they were about. He send over a cassette. It was pretty jangly and weird. I dug it. But it wasn’t until they came in for the microshow last month I truly understood what was going on. There are serious pop hooks going on underneath all the thick yet detailed sludge of guitars. I keep hearing early 90s Dinosaur Jr. & Smashing Pumpkins with out all the drama, bombast and crazy tempos. There’s room to take a breath. And there is an articulation to the songwriting one can totally sink their teeth in to.

Wing Dam is Austin (Soft Cat, Omoo Omoo, Silent Whys) on vocals and guitars, Sara Autrey (Dan Deacon, Bitch Cave, Which Magic), who plays bass and sings and other various sundries in an amalgum of other bands is amazing talented and a super swell person and Abram Sanders (Lower Dens, The Snails) is their drummer and does just that. He’s an incredible drummer with a great sense of time and focus and at the end of the day can still be heard over Austin and Sara’s bombast of destruction.

Please enjoy this microshow like I have been for the past month.



Recorded on December 13, 2012 at Mobtown Studios

Drums by Abram Sanders

Bass and vocals by Sara Autrey

Guitar and vocals by Austin Tally

Mixed and produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Engineered by Sean Mercer

Artwork by David Manchester