Us and Us Only Lifting Lake Eerie

Us and Us Only popped into the studio with producer (and drummer) Sean Mercer in the perpetual polar vortex that was early 2014. They spent a few days crafting their “7, Lifting Lake Eerie, a record that doesn’t succumb to the darkness so much as it inhabits it. Accepts it. Pulling away from some of the sunnier aspects of their previous EP, Dark Cloud Past, Us and Us Only doubles down on their syncopated grooves, big builds, and harmonies this time around. There is more crunch, more texture, and plenty of sonic treats and hooks throughout that will reward repeat listeners.

Us and Us Only’s newest member, Nick Hughes, created a music video to go with the A side of the 7”, “The Horse’s Mouth”. The videos dark imagery and subtle warping mimics the tension and the weariness in Kinsey Matthews voice. Layered imagery abounds and the results are visually captivating and emotionally provocative. Give the record a listen here and check out the video above.


Produced by Sean Mercer

Mastered by Carl Saff