Thunder Club Thunder Club

Thunder Club is a five-piece indie rock band hailing from Baltimore consisting of guitarists Dennis Chen and Pete Burkhardt, lead vocalist Garrett Cusack, bassist Conor Johnston, and drummer John Burkhardt. Thunder Club’s uniqueness stems from the chemistry between the musicians as well as the desire to stay simple while maintaining a full sound, with each musician’s part aimed to be a cohesive piece of the puzzle rather than a highlight. Incorporating a wide variety of musical influences into their songs, Thunder Club’s music is youthful and energetic, with a strong basis in groove and melody.

Tracked and mixed in 7 days. When you are focused and prepared you can make the album you yearn to. These guys did just that. They rehearsed ahead of time and came in prepared while allowing for some spontaneity. They knew the songs like the back of their hand and nailed it every take. They even had time to mess with the fun toys we have here like the vintage Roland Space Echo, the Noisekick FX pedals and all the killer vintage tube guitar amps.

Be sure to pick up the record here.

And check out the video for Racer:


Guitar by Dennis Chen and Pete Burkhardt

Vocals by Garrett Cusack

Bass by Conor Johnston

Drums by John Burkhardt

Mixed and produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Mastered by Alex Saltz