The Woolly Moon Faraji

The Woolly Moon was in earlier this spring to cut a record with Mat Leffler-Schulman producing. Zach Mazzola had recently acquired the Matrimonials as his backing band. One of the last things we thought he would ever do. While they are one of my favorite train-wreck type bands (in the best of all ways), this was the best decision Zach has made with his band aside from his country gospel in space songwriting. The record was mastered by the amazing Alex Saltz @ APS Mastering in Queens, NY. The CD Release Show is at Golden West in Baltimore, MD on August 18th and will be released on The Epiphysis Foundation label.


Guitar and vocals by Zach Mazzola

Guitar by Stephan Kaplan

Drums by Edan Perrigo

Bass by Chris Howard

Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Mastered by Alex Saltz

Artwork by Taj Vacarella