The Meantime Shot In The Dark

The Meantime is an acoustic singer-songwriter duo from Baltimore, MD, made up of multi-instrumentalists Chris Pierorazio and Ashley Higginbotham. They set meaningful lyrics to lush arrangements, but to be honest, sometimes their songs tell us what they’re going to be about and they just follow the thread of a melody or chord down the rabbit hole to whatever story needs to be told.

This project started in the winter when Chris (with whom I’ve worked with for close to a decade now) asked me to produce a song with him and Ashley. Our schedules didn’t work out and I suggested one of my favorite Baltimore tracking engineers, Evan Kornblum, to record them. Evan did a killer job at Stages – he’s always on his game with singer songwriters. I in turn mixed the single and the rest is history. Enjoy this first single from The Meantime, with hopes of many more to come in the near future!


Vocals by Ashley Higginbotham

Guitar, percussion and background vocals by Chris Pierorazio

Engineered by Evan Kornblum

Mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman