The Evokatones The Evokatones

The Evokatones are an eclectic, 6-piece powerhouse of a band bringing their own brand of ska/reggae infused rock/soul to the masses. With an energetically exciting, interactive live show, solid musicianship, conscious yet catchy original tunes and well-known covers done with their own signature flare, this rocksteady crew has an impact that is evocative and fun, making them one of the most enlivening acts in the mid-atlantic.

I was excited when Colleen (their primary singer/songwriter) came to me to produce their 2nd record. They had a large and unorthodox band (horn section, dual-singers) which has become the type of band I tend to record. It keeps things interesting working with bands so different from the next. Anything that’s outside the norm is always good at Mobtown. What I loved about working with this band was that they were always thinking outside the box and went with the flow of the song. Not to mention felt comfortable doing it all along the way. It’s something that can really take one’s record to the next level.

Colleen’s socially conscious, yet when time permits, socially fun lyrics are a sight to witness while recording – not to mention there is never a bad take. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her voice is simply captivating. Enjoy a few of my favorite tracks from their self-titled record! And thanks to Sean and Paul Mercer (no relation) for doing a great job engineering this record.

Pick up a copy at bandcamp.


Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Engineered by Sean Mercer and Paul Mercer

Mastered by Alex Saltz