Teenage Souls Teenage Souls

I’ve been following D’Metrius Rice aka DJ Rice aka D’metrius Cauthorne or Teenage Souls for many years now. Following his growth and development as a recording artist and musician which has yielded many awesome results. DJ brings found sound, studio loops, blips, glitches, more loops and loud as hell drums to you in a project he has dubbed Teenage Souls.

DJ is also a visual artist and has done cover art for some of Baltimore’s finest records. Holy Ghost Party, Sweepstakes, etc. He also has a few pieces up at the studio. Be sure to check them out when walking around the studio. He is a meticulous and detailed artist as much as he is a musician. In fact I feel like they work hand in hand, inspiring each focus.

So let it be known that this is the final Teenage Souls record which has been released on Baltimore’s Friends Records. I am a bit bummed this is to be the last record, but at the same time I am grateful I was able to work on this record with DJ. This is music you can’t digest on the first listen. There are details and layers 500 miles deep. Get a pair of headphones and take a few listens on repeat. Or pull up the couch to the stereo speakers and indulge. It will be worth your time.

Be sure to pick up a copy on Friends Records.


Drums and electronics by DJ Rice

Mixed and engineered by Mat Leffler-Schulman