Mobtown Laboratories

Distilling all the kinetic energy and sonic kaboom of a large venue show into a teeny pint-sized house concert package, behold, the Mobtown Microshow.

Birth Defects


Albert Bagman

Albert Bagman - Microshow
Scroll Downers - Microshow
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The BSide Sessions

Revealing a distinctly intimate story narrated by song and sometimes-rowdy, sometimes-weary aftershow convo.

Guillermo Sexo

The BSide Session
Guillermo Sexo - The BSide Session


The BSide Session
DRGN King - The BSide Session

Drop Electric

The BSide Session
Drop Electric - The BSide Session

Surf Harp Microshow

Initially Surf Harp begun as the solo project of Philip Bolton in 2012. Since then, members have expanded to include Jeff Koplovitz, Chris Sweeney, Aaron Perseghin, and Dennis Mizzoni. Their debut full-length PEEL, released on Friends Records, is an exploration into the psychedelic alt-rock of the 90’s. Fuzzy, arty, and deeply layered.

Surf Harp joins us in the studio for a Microshow (May 11, 2016).

We were super stoked when Surf Harp was able to swing a microshow with their busy schedules. They actually showed up early to set up and spent a lot of time setting their gear up. They really take pride in their craft. We certainly appreciate that! Their microshow was so much fun and their deep cut Baltimore cover from Videohippos was spot on. Not to mention their Cars cover too. Keep your eye on these guys, there is a lot more in store from them in the near future as we are hearing more motoriks and 1970s German music influenced melodic repetitions in their new songs…

Enjoy their set!



Recorded on May 11, 2016 at Mobtown Studios

Guitar, synth and vocals by Phil Bolton

Bass and vocals by Jeff Koplovitz

Guitar, synth and sax by Dennis Mizzoni

Guitar by Aaron Perseghin

Drums by Chris Sweeney

Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schuman

Mixed by Phil Bolton

Filmed and edited by Nick Hughes

Photography by Tedd Henn

Photography post-production by Cassandra Robbins