Sung For Streetlights Sung For Streetlights

Ben Mormann, Dennis Chen, and Garrett Cusack are three talented musicians with completely different musical backgrounds that have been writing together for years. This tightness in friendship lends to creating great music together. In 2010, they recorded critically acclaimed demo “On The Roof”. Now at different locations throughout the US, the band is working together sharing musical ideas and co-writing throughout. With each member bringing their own influences to the table, the group has managed to create a unique sound while incorporating elements of pop, rock and scabs of punk.

The band came in to Mobtown last summer to work with me. All of Mobtown and their hands in this record. I produced and mixed. Sean recorded vocals. And Paul recorded the guitars. Recording the band was amazing. They came to the table prepared to make a record with most of the songs already written and arranged but at the same time knew when it was time to modify something and roll with the changes we came up with on the spot. Flexibility is critical in creating a wonderful record. It’s been a long time coming as the mixes were complex with the vocal and guitar layering Sean and Paul did. We hope you enjoy the lush mixes of this band. You will definitely be hearing more of this band in the near future. Look out for them this summer on tour and be sure to pick up their record on iTunes.


Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Engineered by Sean Mercer and Paul Mercer

Mastered by Alex Saltz