Steady Pleasures Keep It Down

I was able to work with piano savant Sean Beier (The Bellevederes, Bosley) this past fall recording his jazz trio Steady Pleasures in a house from the late 1800s here in the historic neighborhood of Reservoir Hill. Sean played on an 1800s Charles Stieff 52″ upright. I don’t typically record outside of the studio, but for this project it really made sense to rip out some gear, grab a bunch of vintage mics and record a killer jazz record with amazing musicians including Andrew Felix on upright bass and Dominic Smith on drums. Micah Huerta mixed the record.

Sean viewed this album as “relaxing music for stressful times” – a way to escape the hectic pace of daily life with subtle grooves and peaceful melodies. Interestingly enough he’s a self-taught pianist who learned how to play by listening to video game music. He started composing the Steady Pleasure tunes about 5 years ago.  His only chance he had to write was when the kids were asleep, As a result most tunes are quiet and exhibit music box-like qualities.

The whole mantra for this project has been “go with the flow”. We all went with our guts on everything and tried not to over-think it (which is the polar opposite of all of our day-job requirements.)

Sean’s music was just recently featured on WYPR (both on The Signal and as music beds during regular programming) as well as some independent film projects. You can hear The Signal piece here. You can also download this record and all his other records he just released on bandcamp.


Engineered by Mat Leffler-Schulman