Starlight Natives Microshow

The Starlight Natives are a band made up of two gifted sisters, Lisa and Winni, who share a gift for melody and finishing each other’s sentences yet they aren’t twins. They’re complemented by a weird, but strikingly handsome, electronics savant named David who spends most of his time poking about on his drum machine and toying with old vintage synthesizers and calculators. When these three extremely powerful forces come together, the sounds they create remind you of being stranded on another planet, roaming deserted hillsides in shades of blue and orange, desperately trying to remember where you parked your space-time machine.

Starlight Natives joins us in the studio for a Microshow (May 8, 2014).

Natives of Maryland, Lisa, Winni, and David have been writing together for a year now and, since early 2014, have played shows at Ottobar and around Baltimore. They’ve been compared to the Cure, New Order and M83, but they more closely resemble three amazing space wizards.

“Basically, take the most astonishing space wizard you know, then multiply that wizard by three. That’s Starlight Natives.” –Member of Starlight Natives

Enjoy the microshow. Three keyboards and a drum machine. It’s often all you need.


Recorded on May 8, 2014 at Mobtown Studios

Keyboards by David Banahan

Keyboards by Lisa Banahan

Keyboards by Winni Wanionek

Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Filmed and edited by Nick Hughes

Photography by Tedd Henn