Stag & Owl Piers/Peers

Stag & Owl is an indie rock duo. The band consists of Alex and Andrew Baughman; brothers, longtime musicians and performers, and uniquely: friends. Their debut EP Piers/Peers was released in August 2015.

Chicago Producer Teddy Thornhill (Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio & Silver Soul Studios) came down to Mobtown Studios this past summer to work with producer/engineer Mat Leffler-Schulman on Stag & Owl’s latest record, Piers/Peers. Teddy was a wonderful producer and kept the band focused and on-schedule, like great producers do.

This record is really interesting indie pop. While most of the record was recorded pretty traditionally, Teddy and Mat employed modified Glyn Johns drum mic’ing techniques which added to a very airy and accurate drum sound. Another aspect that was very exciting was that Alex Baughman, their singer only did three takes of vocals all the way through in sequence with no overdubs. Just comped together. It kept a great flow and nodded to the “if you can’t do it in three takes, go home” methodology. A methodology Mat employes often here at Mobtown. Clearly this doesn’t work with all bands, but it worked wonderfully here adding a cool urgent vibe.

Be sure to pick up their album at bandcamp.


Produced by Teddy Thornhil

Engineered by Mat Leffler-Schulman