Wye Oak Dance My Pain Away

I recently mastered a Baltimore compilation for SpliceToday.com, called Baltimore Does Baltimore, Vol 1. When Zach came to me asking if this is something I’d be in to, I didn’t even hesitate. We love Baltimore bands and the community they enrich, but Baltimore bands covering Baltimore bands! That’s just too good to be true.

Crossing genre lines, this mix tape reflects the beautiful diversity and vitality of the Baltimore scene. Caleb Stine covers Small Sur. Small Sur covers Wheatie Mattiasich. Mickey Free covers Wye Oak. And Wye oak covers Rod Lee. It’s like one big musical do-si-do. We love it! And you can download it for free. Look out for a Volume 2 coming soon!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Little Dreamer f/ Victoria Legrand by Jones (Future Islands)
Dance My Pain Away by Wye Oak (Rod Lee)
Two Mantras by Caleb Stine (Small Sur)

Love those pretty Beach Boys harmonies at the end of Two Mantras! You can just drink it.