Soul Cannon The Mixed Ape

Just back from a show with Talib Kweli at Sonar, Soul Cannon is a hip-hop band that never rests. This weekend they will be hitting up World Cafe Live in Philly. They also just recently played a show with a local opera group, Rhymes With Opera which is part of the American Opera Project.

Soul Cannon’s The Mixed Ape is a record that simply redefines what a hip-hop band can be. They push boundaries and create rhythms and melodies that make you wanna dance yet also make you question. I hear elements of Tortoise and the Roots. It’s something you’ve never heard before. They are serious innovators.

That said, the guys in Soul Cannon are great. Eze is a serious MC who rhymes like no body’s business. Jon holds down the keys, but plays like no other keyboardist I’ve ever heard. Matt plays guitar so amazingly his guitar rarely sounds like a guitar. And Nathan’s sense of time is almost illegal. They are virtually unstoppable. Their record drops sometime this summer. But you can download 4 tracks from this record for free on their website.