Scott Siskind Greener Hearts

I’ve been good friends with Scott Siskind for many years. His band, Vinny Vegas, is one of my favorite band from Baltimore. He’s in the crowd of every show I go to. He’s good people. I was thrilled when he approached to ask me about recording an acoustic “demo” (his words) at Mobtown Studios.

I think that Vinny Vegas’ music is smart. There are a lot of moving pieces, and nothing they write or perform is boring. Working with Scott, and listening to his finished record, I am not surprised to feel the same way about his solo material. The songs on Greener Hearts are distinctly different in style and vibe from a Vinny Vegas record, but that’s part of what makes it so good.

Scott came in to record an acoustic demo, and that’s exactly how it started. We tracked all three songs live, just Scott’s vocals and his guitar. No extensive editing, no vocal tuning… just the real deal performance. From a production standpoint, the potential of each song was begging for more. We dug out the drums, and Scott played them himself. He added electric guitar and upright piano (he’s an impressive piano player, though I suspect he would tell you differently) and sang his own harmonies. We booked another session so that Scott’s friend, Liz Haight, could come in and record violin. Our mutual friend Matt Flanders tracked electric bass.

Despite adding layers of instrumentation, the raw emotion of Scott’s live-tracked vocals and guitar still commands these songs. I’m very happy with the way this record turned out, and hopefully Scott is proud of his so-called “demo”.

You can stream or download all three songs from Scott’s Bandcamp page, or name your own price and Scott will donate 100% of the proceeds to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. What’d I tell ya? He’s good people.


Produced and mixed by Aaron Wold