Mobtown Laboratories

Distilling all the kinetic energy and sonic kaboom of a large venue show into a teeny pint-sized house concert package, behold, the Mobtown Microshow.

Birth Defects


Albert Bagman

Albert Bagman - Microshow
Scroll Downers - Microshow
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The BSide Sessions

Revealing a distinctly intimate story narrated by song and sometimes-rowdy, sometimes-weary aftershow convo.

Starlight Girls

The BSide Session
Starlight Girls - The BSide Session

Guillermo Sexo

The BSide Session
Guillermo Sexo - The BSide Session

Scott Siskind Effects & The Cause

Scott Siskind from Vinny Vegas is excited to share with you a brand new song called “Effects and the Cause”! This is a song he had be struggling with for well over a year, and through an unanticipated moment of inspiration, it finally came together in the past two weeks in his brain. At the same time, engineer Evan Daniel Kornblum let him know that a date had opened up at his studio, so they shacked up in the studio for a day and tracked everything as he was hearing it. So this song is a “solo” song for all intents and purposes! It’s also Scott, so the vocals are mesmerizing and tremendously emotive. The music is nothing to be shy about either. The music is epic and blends perfectly with his voice. And it all comes together with Evan’s organic and fluid approach to engineering, while the mastering was handled by Mat Leffler-Schulman.

Scott put this track up for free, but if you do choose to pay any money for it, 100% will be donated to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. It’s going to a good cause, be sure to donate what you can!


Vocals, bass, guitar and drums by Scott Siskind

Engineered and mixed by Evan Kornblum

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman