Sahffi Expectations

I had the pleasure of working with Sahffi this winter on her third release ExpectationsExpectations was a grand experiment, featuring 10 different producers on 10 different songs. Sahffi recorded the main tracks here at Mobtown, and gave the tracks to the producers with no expectations of how they should be produced. The result is a rich album full of different genres that range from pop to hip-hop to electronic to alt rock, which highlights Sahffi’s unique ability to shine in many different lights.

I had the privilege of producing one track and mixing a handful of the other tracks with some of the producers (Num63r S!x, mOsno, Chuck the MADD OX, N’Dinga Gaba, Chris Mandra, Angela Taylor). This record was such great experience. I’ve never done a record like this before and it kept me on my toes. Not to mention was great to finally work with Sahffi. This is a record that pulls a folk artist out of the boundaries of a folk artist. She’s experimenting and crossing lines that feel better when crossed than not.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the record here on bandcamp.


Engineered by Mat Leffler-Schulman