Ruby Fulton Little Symphony

I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite composers, Ruby Fulton this past spring. Little Symphony was commissioned by the drum set/sax duo Patchwork, based out of Bowling Green. It has been performed in Baltimore (Penthouse Gallery in the Copycat), Winchester VA (Bright Box Theater) and at the 2014 North American Saxophone Alliance Conference in at the University of Illinois, Champagne Urbana.

Little Symphony is inspired by the life and work of legendary music producer Phil Spector. The title comes from his nickname for his massively produced pop hits from the 1950’s and 1960’s, “little symphonies for the kids.” The music is in four parts, with each part accompanied by all the parts that came before, creating a wall of sound. The notes themselves, and how long they last, are derived from a table of data about Spector’s hit tunes – the starting pitch of each vocal melody, how long each song was on the charts, and how high on the charts each song rose.