Re.decay Down Long Enough

Berlin based duo Re.decay have shared their new EP ‘Down Long Enough’ in its entirety.

The pair – one German, one American – are rooted in Berlin’s sprawling club culture, absorbing different elements, different styles.

Making their name as arch remixers, Re:decay have developed a singular voice amongst their peers.

Funky hip-hop beats with a party feel, there’s also a depth of maturity to the pair’s work, something born out by their choice of collaborators.

New EP ‘Down Long Enough’ is incoming, and we can air it on Clash. A seven track document, it’s a project that has been four years in the making, and features a variety of hand-picked guests.

Global in scope, the EP presents Re:decay as astute music merchants. They explain…

“This record has been four years in the making and we couldn’t be prouder of how it came out. The artists we collaborated with from around the world each contributed something unique and special, they are the reason we were able to take this record to where it needed to go.”

The pair add: “For us, this is a collaborative foundation upon which many more stories will be built.”

Tune in now and grab the track for your library here – buy now.

Clash Magazine


Produced by Lavid and Owen Ross

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman