Pyramid Thieves Scenes

Pyramid Thieves is a Boston-based indie rock band with a synth-pop sensibility. Since forming in late 2016, the group has issued two releases while exciting audiences with its powerful performances. Friends since childhood, the four founding members have been writing and performing together in various permutations over the course of many years. Pyramid Thieves’ distinct sound is a stiff cocktail of collective and individual influences that can be largely credited to its members’ lifelong commitment to collaboration and the developing talents of songwriter and front man, Joey Sawyer. Having released a five-song EP in 2017, followed by New Year’s Day single “Glum” in 2018, the band has spent the past year writing and producing its much anticipated LP, which is slated to be finished early next year. Out of the studio and on stage, Pyramid Thieves continues to turn heads and build its fan base with compelling live performances promoting a catalog of bass thumping rhythms and sonic-bending textures that lure even the most reserved out onto the dance floor.


Vocals and keyboards by Joey Sawyer

Drums by Josh Cornell

Bass by Nick Maloney

Guitar by Chris Bouchard

Mixed by Josh Cornell

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman