Pocket Bells Days and Nights

Pocket Bells is the band led by engineer/musician Evan Daniel Kornblum. Originally created as an outlet for his “back pocket” songs, the band is comprised of vocalist Piper Greenbaum, bassist Jay A Turner, and drummer Ben Zamzow. On this EP, Evan played guitar, keyboards, and synth while simultaneously engineering from the studio control room. The basic recordings are mostly live full single takes. String and horn overdubs were performed by Nikia Yung, Greta Thomas, and Piper.

The band draws on rock, pop, and classical/chamber influences to define their unique sound and energy. Raging drums and bass fill out the bottom while delicate string and keyboard arrangements dance across the top. Layers of female vocals cascade down, and the lyrics explore the challenges of moving on and new beginnings.


Guitar, synth, vocals, percussion and organ by Evan Daniel Kornblum

Vocals and horn by Piper Greenbaum

Bass by Jay A Turner

Drums and percussion by Benjamin Zamzow

Violin by Nikia Yung and Greta Thomas

Produced, mixed and engineered by Evan Kornblum

Mastered by Carl Saff

Artwork by Scott Siskind