Owen Ross Double Exposure

Double Exposure is a four track concept EP by producer/multi-instrumentalist Owen Ross. The EP was modeled on the analog film practice of ‘roll swapping’ where one photographer shoots a roll of film and then mails it to another photographer who shoots their own exposures over the roll. Ross, an analog photographer himself, has created a musical version of this practice by taking field recordings of music from around the world and overlaying them with his own analog, soulful production.

While the field recordings in each song on Double Exposure vary greatly, Ross’ gritty yet ethereal textures and soul/gospel harmonic sense remain a constant through-line. ’Doumbek’ and ‘Kubaneh’ both began as a low quality recordings of street musicians, the first in Turkey and the second in Yemen. While Ross’ signature r&b guitars, analog samples, and gritty synthesizers may seem like an odd pairing, the result is simultaniously cohesive and otherworldly. ‘Search Continues’ employs a recording of West African drummers based in Brooklyn that Ross frequently collaborated with from 2014-2016. The addition and subtraction of their playing throughout the track highlights the stark yet complimentary differences between the two “exposures.” Finally, the haunting yet triumphant vocals on “Blue Yonder” are from India. Most of the track is almost bare as the voices are reimagined over a deep 808 and minimal percussion until it culminates with a bed of synths textures.

Owen Ross is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer. In a review in The Huffington Post, Morena Duwe wrote: “Owen Ross’s work is intoxicating with his sultry blend of soul and experimental electronic music creating deep, incomparable layers of sound.” ‘Double Exposure’ combines, rough field recordings of musicians from around the world with his signature production style.


Produced and mixed by Owen Ross

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman