Outside Smoke Son

Punchy melodies and psychedelic hints lend to Outside Smoke‘s unique sound. The Baltimore band’s dynamic energy – shifting between rhythmically driven and ethereal – keeps tone and interest high, all of which manifests best on the stage for an invigorating live experience. Founded in St. Mary’s College, the band comprises vocalist Kian Karimi, bassist Joe Kelly, drummer Ryan Reis, and guitarists Grant Burgess and Devin Protzko.

Outside Smoke: (noun) A term used in competitive swimming when the outside lane, usually seeded to lose, win the race.

Sean Mercer recorded and mixed the hell out of the new Outside Smoke record. It doesn’t hold back. It’s a rager all the way through. Their single “Son” is out today. And the EP will be out in August.


Vocals by Kian Karimi

Bass by Joe Kelly

Drums by Ryan Reis

Guitar by Grant Burgess

Guitar by Devin Protzko

Engineered and mixed by Sean Mercer

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Artwork by Michael Tunk

Recorded at The Moose House