Oracle Porpoise PARKAS IN THE POOL

Oracle Porpoise, better knowns as the multi-disciplinary Jakob Coburn has just released his third LP, alliterally titled, PARKAS IN THE POOL. He’s a phenomenal drummer (see Legends Of Et Cetera). He programs vintage drum machines. He works in tape loops. Knows a DX7 inside and out. Can jam on a Linn Drum like there’s no tomorrow. He’s a photographer. He does it all. Except mastering, which was done by Mat Leffler-Schulman.

This record is certainly a progression from his first record. It’s more focused and centered around more focus on songwriting vs. the more lose soundscapes of his first record, Hello Futures.

There’s definitely some smells from the 80s, dream pop, synth pop and certainly the ambient jams Jakob is so wonderfully adept at. There’s something for everyone. It’s a perfect album to listen to on a Sunday morning when the sun is coming in the window and the birds are chirping with the record.


Produced, engineered and mixed by Jakob Coburn

Engineered by Alex Ehasz

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Artwork by Abigael Coburn and Ryan Reid