Olmstead Coyote

Danny Townsend just released his new album, Coyote, under the name Olmsted!

For anyone that doesn’t know – Danny and producer/drummer Sean Mercer have been making music together for over a decade. They’ve had so many adventures and collaborations at this point that its hard to pick just one as a favorite.

But making this album was something super special for them. Danny found the time to come down to Baltimore and record this album while he and his wife, Renata Melillo Townsend, were preparing to welcome their beautiful little boy, Llewyn, into the world.

They arranged and recorded all of the songs in less than two days, in a hot row home basement here in Baltimore. It tracks the journey of one of his best friends as he navigated through new cities, jobs, marriage, and into fatherhood. It’s one of the most moving pieces of art that Sean has had the chance to record. Not to mention one of the most sonically diverse.

Check out the song “Coyote” which is full of prodigious sonics and psychedelics complete with an unbelievable keenness to pop and and then go listen to the full album on whichever streaming site suits you best. https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/olmsted/foz0


Vocals, bass and keyboards by Danny Townsend

Drums and background vocals by Sean Mercer

Produced, mixed and engineered by Sean Mercer

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman