Old Eastern Mad Dog

Old Eastern is at its core a blues rock trio born from the era of the post-90s grunge/rock movement. Brendan Clarke (bass) and Mike Smith (drums), round out a rhythm section whose driving style creates a wall of sound at the heart of each and every song. Nick Volk (vocals, rhythm guitar) closes out the trio adding a gritty and powerful vocal performance to match the growl of his oft distorted guitar.

Over the years, Old Eastern has been lucky enough to encounter other likeminded artists and has grown by incorporating a cast of highly talented and dedicated musicians. With the addition of Terry McGill (harmonica, rhythm guitar), Brandon Newby (vocals, lyricist), and Vince Szynborski (saxophone/synth), Old Eastern has become the always surprising Baltimore band with many faces.

From the ground up, Old Eastern is a hard hitting, gritty, whisky-rock band with a stripped down style and an ear for the 90s. At some point they got confused—wandered into the funk section of the record store and picked up a saxophone on the way out. Sudden stops, fast changes, high-energy and the unexpected has become the hallmark of this soulful Baltimore rock band. With the debut of their title EP in December 2017 they have been making a name for themselves throughout the “Land of Pleasant Living”.


Bass, guitar and vocals by Brendan Clarke

Drums by Mike Smith

Guitar and vocals by Terry McGill

Vocals and guitar by Nick Volk

Produced and mixed by Sean Mercer

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman