No Noise Strange Times

Alec Tobin (guitar), Sam Unger (guitar), Mika Itkin-Weinstein (vocals), Max Schoenwetter (bass), Joe Billy III (drums). From Southern San Diego to Manhattan and Denver in between, four teenagers (and oldie at 20) come together to make music influenced by artists like the Orwells, Tame Impala, the Violent Femmes, and even classics like Ella Fitzgerald and Paul McCartney. No Noise, from New Jersey, is making and recording music that pleases both themselves and pleases any who listen, they just want to make the music in the studio they want to listen to.

It’s amazing this band is still so close to it’s infancy. And with a band this tight, you wouldn’t believe that they’ve never toured before – not to mention are just finishing up high school. Clearly they are honing in on their crafts in the studio and live. They have an immense amount of pure unadulterated energy yet know how to bottle it up and hold back when needed. Mika’s vocals are engaging and explosive and pull you in to this vortex where you can’t stop listening in the same way that Patti Smith or Wayne Coyne would. Sam Unger’s guitar hooks are infectious and will have you humming along later in the day pissing off your co-workers for infecting their heads. And I feel it fair to mention the fact that there is such a huge cool and retro 80s vibe to this band. From their album cover to their underlying aesthetic to their attitude. Something that can’t be denied.

Also, mad props to their guitar instructor, Phil Silverberg, who killed it recording them in his practice space on his down time between students!

They recently released their debut EP which I mastered. It was an honor and a pleasure working with them. They are getting ready to hopefully hit the road in the upcoming summer months. Be on the lookout! And feel free to pick up a copy on BandCamp or iTunes.


Mixed and engineered by Phil Silverberg

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman