Natural Velvet Microshow

Space rock, alt rock, indie rock, post rock. Rock rock rock. Natural Velvet is everything. Their wiry, very aggressive and at time spacey guitars penetrate great songwriting and at times can get a little catchy possibly against their own will. I was really happy with how well this microshow came out. Not to mention how loud it was. Enjoy the show!

Natural Velvet joins us in the studio for a Microshow (April 8, 2015).


Recorded on April 8, 2015 at Mobtown Studios

Guitar by Kim Te and Spike Arreaga

Bass and vocals by Corynne Ostermann

Drums by Greg Hatem

Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Filmed and edited by Nick Hughes

Photography by Tedd Henn

Photography post-production by Cassandra Robbins