Monteclair We Are Three

I’ve been working with the indie-pop darlings, Monteclair, for almost 5 years now. After many records as a quartet they trimmed down to a three piece last year. Greg, their virtuosic guitarist started taking up the vocal void. At first I was super skeptical about it and waited for them to tell me they’d be auditioning vocalists. It seems when guitarists switch to vocalist, it’s always an awkward transition. But that never happened. And once they came in the studio and we roughed out some tracks I was amazed with how they had grown while getting smaller in size. Greg has done it again and with the help of one of the tightest rhythm sections (Ben & Steve) this side of the Mississippi they put out We Are Three.

Enjoy a few tracks from this record and be sure to pick up a copy here.


Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman