Matt Hutchison Three Minute Man

Matt Hutchison was in the studio earlier this fall working on his follow-up to the critically acclaimed Sell My Heart to the Junkman. Mat and Sean engineered the record and what wasn’t done here Matt recorded himself Prince-style at his own studio and at Towson University.

His latest project “Three Minute Man,” is a reflection of a simpler songwriting approach in a collection of new songs that clock in around 3 minutes each. Breathing life into these songs is a band of old friends and fine musicians from Baltimore and surrounding locales.

Working with Matt was wonderful. He gives direction wonderfully (and can take it as well!) and understands how a record should be recorded, the process and the end-goal. Not to mention what you do with a record after it’s recorded. Clearly something he learned from being in Fools & Horses many lifetimes ago.

We had a little fun with the record as well. Experimenting with pop records isn’t something that always comes hand in hand, so when it happens we roll with it. We got to mess with different tube preamps, used an old 1970s Califone turntable as a guitar preamp/amp and surprisingly used a no-name thrift store acoustic guitar for a few tracks.

The bottom line with Matt are his songs. He clearly is inspired by the story. And from that comes a great song with a super catch melody. His love of the Beatles shines through with impeccable detail and craft. We hope you enjoy the record as much as we enjoyed being a part of it.


Engineered by Mat Leffler-Schulman and Sean Mercer

Mixed by Rich Isaac

Mastered by Alex Saltz