lushfarm Thoughts & Prayers

I’ve known Craig and Lushfarm for almost 10 years when my band at the time played a show with them in DC. Watching them was something special. They really cared about their craft in writing and performing music but were the first to step aside and not take themselves too seriously. It was something I noticed and appreciated.

Lushfarm has always been on my sonic radar. I am however, not typically a “guitar” guy, but when there are guitars I do like them to be loud. And Craig has no problem turning them up. So when I saw them about 2 years ago at Ottobar we chatted a bit about a home recording they were doing. And the struggle therein. Home recording can often be a challenge especially when you are in the said band and recording it too. It turns out they hit a brick wall and called me to re-record the record.

In the end, that exercise of recording the demos at home ended up being a great tool for the band to flush out ideas and to  have a better sense for what really needed to be recorded in the final record. I highly recommend bands demo albums before every actually hitting up the recording studio. Even if the demo is on an iPhone. It gives you a sense for the song and what it needs in terms of arrangement or editing.

Lushfarm came in this past winter for a week of tracking. It was hard work to track 13 songs in that amount of time and I strongly believe it was possible because they (Craig, Greg and Greg!) had the framework completed with the demos they did at home. They did their homework. They were insanely prepared and they had the latitude for me to push them harder than they thought they could take it.

That extra time also allowed me to have the time to set up more mics and use them creatively strategically. We were able to use ample use of room mics for the drums and even put mics on the guitars down the hallway.

There’s something to be said for recording a rock album virtually all live. There’s a vibe you get that you don’t get any other way. And it’s a vibe I love. It’s a vibe I am surely proud of. This record was recorded loud. And it’s a rock record. It’s meant to be played loud. Really loud! You should do just that.



Vocals, guitar and percussion by Craig Taylor

Drums by Greg Binney

Bass and vocals by Greg Anderson

Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Mastered by Dan Coutant