Lush Life Chicago

Lush Life is a new song-writing duo from Baltimore comprised of songwriter/guitarist Greg Wellham (Monteclair) and singer Ines Nassara that has an indie pop, jazz, soul, R&B and latin influence. They started working together almost two years ago, performing covers and jazz standards here in Baltimore. Lush Life has a strong musical connection and began enjoying not only playing covers with each other, but writing their own material as well. After writing a number of catchy songs they decided to record with producer Mat Leffler-Schulman because of his love for and with extensive work in multi-genre music.

They plan on coming back pretty soon to record an EP. In the meantime be sure to support local music by contributing to their Kickstarter.


Vocals by Ines Nassara

Guitar by Greg Wellham

Keyboards by Justin Taylor

Drums by Issaya Whitesides

Trumpet by Garrett Faccone

Cello by Bill Rose

Bass by Brian Brunsman

Trombone by Jake Macary

Produced, mixed and engineered by Mat Leffler-Schulman