Lenore Lenoire Seven Years

Seven Years has been a long time coming. Jillian and I spent a few weeks this past summer tracking and mixing this record together. I was enthralled to produce Seven Years will Jillian hand in hand while working with Paul Mercer on the instrumentation. Paul played the drums, guitars, drones and all the awesome-sauce you hear when listening on headphone and don’t really understand what sounds are coming from your brain.

One vivid memory I have was while mixing in the control room with Jillian sleeping on the couch. I’d be going through vocals and their harmonies and all of a sudden we’d both hear a bum vocal note and instantly Jillian would pop up vertically and say, “Mat – find a new comp for that verse – it’s flat.” – It was uncanny how many times this happened. It’s a testament to how tuned in Jillian’s ears are and how tuned in we both were while mixing.

I also remember when we first started tracking vocals Jillian said she wanted everything to be epic. And this album is nothing short of epic. There are epic moments in every song. Emotional highs all over the place with out making your soul tired.

That said, we are proud to announce the record is finally out! It’s breathtaking. It’s indie. It’s pop. It’s indie pop. It’s rock. It’s infectious. It’s electronic. It’s wonderful. I hope you enjoy all the melodic and harmonic goodness as much as we all enjoyed recording it!

Please pick up the record at bandcamp!


Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman and Jill Lebrun

Produced and engineered by Paul Mercer

Engineered by Kyle Shaffer

Mastered by Alex Saltz