Legends of Et Cetera Cardboard City

It’s rare when everything goes as planned when making a record. But somehow the stars aligned and when Legends of Et cetera came in last summer and they simply nailed it. I’ve worked with many musicians in high school and college and while some believe Millennials are lazy, selfish and entitled in life, I’ve never seen this with the musicians I’ve worked with. This was also the case with Legends. They came in over prepared and well rested (sans a few naps for those keyboard sessions!) and made a record in remarkable speed with confidence, prowess and musicality. And we managed to have a great time, in turn!

Keep an eye out for Serena Miller. She is one heck of a guitarist, songwriter and singer (and did I mention she rips on the sax?!). Hell, everyone in the band was a master of their own domain. Jakob’s timekeeping and drum arrangements were emotive and impeccably played. Graham’s bass playing does exactly what’s it’s there for: support and killer harmony. And he did it at all the right moments. I am always a sucker for synth players. It’s usually the least sexy thing to record, but a lot of times it’s the instrument that can make a good record great. Mack adds a great sense of depth throughout the album. A dash of salt. And certainly no MSG.

The record was tracked in one week during the summer of 2017 with the insanely meticulous and oftentimes adventurous 2nd engineer Rob Liberati. It was mixed in a few days shortly after.

What can be said about this record? It’s one of the few records I can say I love everything about. The music, the composition, the arrangements and the actual mix. I have no regrets with this record. Nothing needs to be fixed. It’s complete and it’s amazing. A masterpiece in just over 22 minutes.

And just look at that gorgeous cover art from artist, Eric Eckhart!!


Guitar, vocals and sax by Serena Miller

Bass, synth and vocals by Graham vonBriesen

Drums, synth and electronics by Jakob Coburn

Keyboards by Mack Watson

Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Engineered by Rob Liberati

Recorded at Mobtown Studios