Leaf House Microshow

Leaf House is a Baltimore supergroup of sorts that came together as the result of a friendly bet between Ruby Fulton (Rhymes With Opera, Holland Symfonia, orkest de ereprijs, Bang On A Can, Boulder Philharmonic) and Michael Shank (Ike Shark, Barnyard Sharks, We Used To Be Family). Seeking to answer the question of whether the beast of a drummer DJ Rice (Teenage Souls) could be “tamed,” they formed a trio, waging instrumental battles for months before deciding a singer was needed to round out the group. After lengthy auditions, Raj Sharma (Three Red Crowns) was chosen as the vocalist of the newly christened Leaf House, as the band refined their killer formula of skittering beats, skronky blasts of soundmass and pop sensibilities.

The diverse backgrounds of each musician in Leaf House add up to a whole that is difficult to pigeonhole, although the spacious grooves and adventurous textures recall the likes of Talking Heads and ESG. Although they’ve played several shows over the past year, their Microshow marks the band’s first publicly available recording, and we’re honored to help introduce them to the world. Cellist Andrew Histand (KissKiss Players, We Used To Be Family) also accompanied the quartet for the occasion. Our studio was filled to capacity with curious audience members, who were mesmerized for the better part of an hour, and then gamely participated in the vocal escapades involved in a cover of the Animal Collective song from which Leaf House took their name. -Al Shipley


Recorded on October 11, 2012 at Mobtown Studios

Guitar by Michael Shank

Keyboards by Ruby Fulton

Vocals by Raj Sharma

Drums by DJ Rice

Cello by Andrew Histand

Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Artwork by David Manchester