Lands & Peoples Microshow

Lands & Peoples has become one of my favorite bands here in Baltimore, not to mention one of the nicest and most giving. Literally impossible to classify, they blend aspects of pop, folk and musique concrète. Fresh off playing a few shows with Wye Oak and Secret Mountains they were able to squeeze in a Microshow here at Mobtown. They certainly are a band to catch live and this show is no exception. Their perfect yet interesting harmonies blend seamlessly here as well as adding a their friend Evan on viola to the set. Enjoy the show!

Technical info: Kick: Neumann U87, Snare: Senheisser 441, Tom: EV468, Floor Tom: EV468, Overhead: AKG 414, Caleb’s Vocal Mic: Blue Mouse, Beau’s Vocal Mic: MAudio Sputnik, Beau’s amp: Shure SM7, Caleb’s amp: EV RE20, Evan’s amp: Oktava ML-52 Ribbon.


Recorded on October 13, 2011 at Mobtown Studios

Guitar, keyboards, vocals and ukulele by Caleb Moore

Guitar, bass, drums and vocals by Beau Cole

Viola by Evan Merkel

Produced and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Engineered by Paul Mercer

Artwork by David Manchester