Kenneth Johnston Prisms

Kenneth Johnston, formerly know as The Bowlegged Gorilla, is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore with an emphasis on mouth percussion and American fingerstyle guitar. He draws influence from traditional Turkish, Mongolian, African, and American music (primarily country finger style blues and ragtime), as well as experimental and electronic dance music. For Kenneth, a single song is a meditative experience, and through the process of creating his multilayerd sounds, he clears his mind. While he stubbornly refuses to incorporate any electronic effects or digital enhancements into his work, his music reflects a depth and layering that is mesmerizing to witness coming from a single being. He has done beat-boxing workshop for kids, plays as a musical accompanist for dancers; and he has toured all over the country. In 2009, The Baltimore City Paper named him the “Best Solo Performer in Baltimore.”

Self-described as “psychedelic meditative mouth percussion and American primitive guitar” came in to the studio last year to record. Kenneth has an ear for rhythm and hearing sounds and interpreting motion and melody from almost an inverse output. This isn’t verse-chorus-verse construction. It’s a mindset and a way to walk the world from a new perspective with new legs. It something that after one listen you hear what you are supposed to hear, but after putting on some headphones and digging deeper one hears things that are less obvious and more complex while intrinsicly connected. This is the perfect winter record to listen to with a fire going and a glass of your finest Bourbon.

Kenneth was amazing to work with. He has a vision and a vibe of performing with excellence and perfection with out ruining the musicality of what he does. Enjoy some of the songs Mat and Sean worked on here at Mobtown and pick up a copy of his latest release on bandcamp.


Mixed and engineered by Mat Leffler-Schulman and Sean Mercer

Mastered by Drew Swinburne