Kavoosi Repent To Karma

Repent To Karma debuts the songwriting of Charles Kavoossi – lead singer and guitarist of Kavoossi. The album features 12 dynamic, catchy indie-rock tunes which were co-produced by Aaron Wold and Charles Kavoossi here at Mobtown Studios in Baltimore, MD, hometown to Kavoossi. Aside from the slick arrangements of guitar, bass, keys, percussion, and vocals, Repent To Karma features guest artists from Baltimore who have seasoned the album with theremin, horns, banjo, violin, lapsteel, and more. While this record may appear on the surface to be typical indie-rock in instrumentation, there is nothing typical about this record once you dig deep inside the precise layering and arrangement of instruments.

Songs like the first single, “Out of Time,” have been described as “Beatles-esque,” “hashing out unique harmonies and chord changes under the guise of a catchy pop rock tune.” On the flip side, heavier tracks such as the title track “Repent To Karma” bring an electric punch to this collection of songs, resembling Foo Fighters.

As the album continues, “Blue-Eyed Jesus” shuffles a folkier side of Kavoossi into the collection, while “Christine” harnesses a barber shop quartet-turned-blues band experience, eventually spitting you out at the end, with “Purple”, an indie-rock ballad to send the listener off.

Kavoossi is often compared to artists such as The Strokes, Weezer, Cake, and The Shins, notably for the vocal style of Charles and his approach to songwriting and composition.

“Every space was filled, never got lazy, even when he could’ve gotten away with it… twelve awesome songs. There’s something here for everyone.” – Maryland Music & More

Guests artists include:
Davis Rowan of Weather
Thomas Beall of Gingerwolf
Evan Chapman of Square Peg Round Hole
Eric Courtney of The Deaf Scene
Deirdre McAllister and Aaron Wold of Minimus The Poet
Max Kuzmyak of Astronaut Jones
Jason Roe of Moose Jaw
Abby Becker of Haint Blue



Produced by Charles Kavoossi and Aaron Wold

Mixed and engineered by Aaron Wold

Mastered by Alex Saltz