Jumpcuts Headlights b/w Curses & Verses

Andy Shankman, better know across this half of the Mississippi as the frontman for the electronic new wave rock band Jumpcuts will be releasing a limited edition 7” vinyl single this summer as a teaser to their sophomore album Fiber Optic Bondage due for release this coming fall. Following several national tours, singer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Shankman tracked the single as well as the album here at Mobtown Studios with producer Mat Leffler-Schulman.  The new album combines atmospheric synths with danceable beats, while Shankman’s introspective lyrics wield a bombastic rock experience not to be missed.

Recording this record was quite the experience. Andy brought in NYC drummer Dan Barman to record on the whole album. It was a joy working with Dan. He was one of those drummers who really works on his part internally until he actually lays it down. And Andy was no stranger to getting as close to perfection as possible before abandonment. In the end we actually came back to remix the record after we re-amped all the MIDI tracks through guitar amps to give the record a less cold MIDI feel. It shows. This record is warm and pleasing and almost the opposite of an electronic record while at the same time keeping with electronic bones.

Jumpcuts’ resumé includes tour dates spanning the eastern half of the US, with Phantogram and School of 7 Bells, working with producers of Beach House and Celebration, and a featured performance slot on WFUM’s Live From Cleveland

This string of shows will feature Steve Bryant, better known as Cru the Dynamic, NYC based producer and drummer most recently known for his work as the drummer for the band Young & Sick. Shankman known for his angular guitar work will incorporate simultaneous singing and guitar looping for much of the knew material.

Enjoy the new 7″! And be sure to check them out for the single release show at Metro Gallery on the 30th of July.


Engineered by Andy Shankman and Mat Leffler-Schulman

Mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman