Joy On Fire Thunderdome

Joy on Fire is proud to release Thunderdome Extended 12″ Single, a two-song introduction to the group’s new sound, which blends its trademark punk-jazz instrumentals with vocals throughout, a first in the band’s history. An eight-song LP, States of America, is currently being mixed for prospective release later this year.

The danceable “Thunderdome” identifies the phenomenon of dejected people “revolving like minutes in a display case” considered alongside the “anger and decency” of political outrage. Funky and energetic, the song closes after a rollicking sax solo with the ultimate question: “What’s love?”

The A Side concludes by reviling the deadliness of gun violence in the metallic, soaring “Uh Huh,” wherein “Earth is / The gun raised at the unarmed,” yet Earth is not just the incipient moment in a confrontation but a constellation of actions and consequences: “What will our brothers be singing / When we return their bodies to the Earth?”

Three remixes of “Thunderdome” on the B Side offer listeners reconceived horns, distortion, guitars, and beats. These mixes are radical reconstructions that create the music anew.

By enmeshing threads of influence that range from the eclectic rock of King Crimson and The Talking Heads to the spirituality of John and Alice Coltrane, from the clipped postmodernism of European poet Paul Celan to the basslines of Sleaford Mods, Morphine, and Joy Division, Joy on Fire continues to produce pioneering music that swings hard and thumps breath into the bodies of listeners.


Sax by Anna Meadors

Bass and guitar by John Paul Carillo

Drums and percussion by Chris Olsen

Vocals by Dan Gutstein

Produced by Anna Meadors and John Paul Carillo

Engineered by Anna Meadors

Mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Mastered by Dan Coutant

Artwork by Gerald Ross