Joy Classic 2627

One of the most unique aspects of our city is that our music scene is so unique. We’ve invented genres that are copied in many other cities. We simply do what feels best, not what can be turned in to an economic commodity, that’s just meant to be bought and sold. Either way, this still holds true for Joy Classic. Sadly they are no longer a band, but that’s neither here nor there. They made music that is still more relevant than ever. Bringing psychedelic rock back to garage bands. There’s nothing like it and when guitars have been considered by some as passé, within this band, it’s just not a fact that remains correct.

While there are a handful of projects I work on that never see the light of day for their audience – I can sometimes understand why. They are unfinished, the songs aren’t quite ready or right for the time, etc. When I started working with Joy Classic in 2015 we recorded a bunch of songs. At the time only one was released and then they dissolved shortly after. I was pretty saddened by the fact that the other songs were never released. But that day has come and it’s been released. I am very happy this day is here! Please enjoy these cuts…


Vocals by Justin Link

Guitar by Bobby Elder and Denmark Luceriaga

Drums by Joshua Davis

Bass by Matthew Robinson

Produced, engineered and mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman