Jonathan Plevyak Long Way Home

I don’t know what you did the summer after you graduated high school, but Jonathan Plevyak came in and recorded killer pop record at Mobtown with Paul. A pretty cool way to commemorate being thrust into adulthood!

He brought great ideas and excellent musicians with him, and came out with tunes that you’d expect from someone twice his age. The album is complete with solid drums and bass support harmonizing guitar riffs, fluid sax lines, and thick soaring vocal hooks.

We made good use of our vintage Young Chang upright piano on a few tracks, and we even threw the beloved analog Roland CR8000 drum machine in for a little flavor. Jon continually brought ideas to the table and was always open to any suggestion that would bring these songs to the next level.

Long Way Home will be released this fall. Keep up to date on all the news here. You can also grab a free download of the single “She Was” on bandcamp.


Mixed and engineered by Paul Mercer