Jay Turner Passion Day

“Passion Day is my 7th release as a writer/producer/bassist. It is powered by optimism and a belief in what history should and can reveal in guiding humanity away from future peril. Passion will be relinquished for the Good Stuff, not the hatred. It is rooted deeply in things that I love and support.

My great musical friends that contributed to this recording have let the muse work her passion here…unbelievable. An honor. I hope everyone will give 10 minutes of their time to listen. Maybe someone will enjoy this enough to say “I want to go find more cool music. The nice thing about making a record is you learn something new, and get a little bit better with each one.”

-Jay Turner


Bass by Jay A. Turner

Drums by Jean Paul Gaster

Guitar by Michael Sauri

Vocals by James Robbins

Keyboards by Chris Brooks

Synth by Steve Wright

Engineered by Evan Kornblum

Mixed by Steve Wright

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman and Tony Eichler