Ilse I Am Human

ILSE, the Belgian-born, Brooklyn-based singer, came by a few months ago to work on some parts for her new record. She has such an amazing presence and vibe. Be sure to listen carefully to the string arrangement. That’s the work of Juliette Jones (Justin Timberlake, Aretha Franklin, Nicki Minaj), who melted my mind with her arrangements and performance.

“I Am Human”, the second single from ILSE‘s upcoming album, shows a different side of ILSE’s unique story. Her sultry, otherworldly voice is transformed into one that is vulnerable, courageous, and unmistakably human. Born without her left arm, ILSE has overcome a distinct set of challenges to find her voice in today’s music industry. ILSE is unafraid to be herself, and she sings about vulnerability and finding strength through love from a deeply personal perspective. In “I Am Human,” ILSE recounts her determination to stay true to herself and her vision, reminding us that “standing tall” after “going through it all” is no small victory. This new single is about finding the strength to push past the obstacles despite pain and despair, because to assert oneself proudly in the face of adversity is the ultimate triumph.


Mixed and engineered by Mat Leffler-Schulman