Mobtown Laboratories

Distilling all the kinetic energy and sonic kaboom of a large venue show into a teeny pint-sized house concert package, behold, the Mobtown Microshow.

Birth Defects


Albert Bagman

Albert Bagman - Microshow
Scroll Downers - Microshow
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The BSide Sessions

Revealing a distinctly intimate story narrated by song and sometimes-rowdy, sometimes-weary aftershow convo.

Hatis Noit

The BSide Session
Hatis Noit ハチスノイト - The BSide Session

The Flying Eyes

The BSide Session
The Flying Eyes - The BSide Session

Guillermo Sexo

The BSide Session
Guillermo Sexo - The BSide Session

Holy MTN Delicate Man Thoughts

Paul Mercer was recently in the studio with Frederick natives Holy MTN producing their first official release.

It’s clear these guys have a serious nod to give to the 80s. A dancy Joy Division comes to mind, but there’s also a strong pull from 90s indie rock bands, a la DC’s The Dismemberment Plan and The Afghan Whigs. That said, these guys have a distinct groove yet jazzy sound with still being able to hang on to a guitar with out sounding like a cliché rock-band. I can’t wait to here what they do next!

Here is our favorite song from the record that’s currently on bandcamp. Seriously, we can’t stop listening!


Produced by Paul Mercer

Mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman