Haint Blue Haint Blue

When Haint Blue came into Mobtown to discuss recording their upcoming EP with producer & engineer Sean Mercer, they had one rule to follow: Above all else, they wanted it to feel real. They wanted it to unfold right in front of you.

Staying true to this vision, the majority of the tracks were captured during live performances from the entire band. Vocals were recorded with the members huddled around two ribbon microphones, making full use of the sound of the finely tuned rooms themselves. This is a record that feels lived in. There is a sense of space and dynamics that will keep you turning back for more, finding new life within the songs with each listen.

Veterans of the Baltimore scene, Haint Blue use their experience to pull every ounce of emotion from their songs. Their experimentation often leads to new ways of utilizing their traditional folk band lineup, recalling the rich sonic textures of more amplified bands while staying true to the grounded simplicity of their instrumentation. These are the melodies that you’ll be singing long into the winter.

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Produced and mixed by Sean Mercer