Greenspan Microshow

Using street smarts and an entrepreneurial state of mind, Greenspan carefully creates vivid depictions of life experiences and forward thinking. Greenspan was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where he discovered his passion for creative outlets, one of which was music. Inspired by a variety of hip hop artists such as AZ, Nas, and UGK, Greenspan began penning his own rhymes and was soon compared to rap greats like Lupe Fiasco and Q-Tip. His first project Got Green? was critically acclaimed, receiving excellent reviews from the Baltimore City Paper, and URB Magazine, where he earned a spot on URB’s “Next 1000” list of breakthrough artists. Greenspan’s commanding performances set him apart from the competition. Baltimore City Paper exclaimed, “Greenspan launches into an uninterrupted and impeccably sequenced set, from one song to the next with no stops or errors”. He also received recognition from the Baltimore Sun & B the Paper who stamped him as one of the 10 people to watch under the age of 30. Greenspan is positioned to be an icon of our generation, full of creativity, lyricism and determination.

Greenspan joins us in the studio for a Microshow (January 9, 2014).

Greenspan’s microshow was quite the spectacle – it was a packed house. He had the floorboards of the 1890s structure flexing at the seams. It was a house party and a fun one at that. Greenspan gets you thinking and moving all at the same time. For his microshow he brought in live instrumentation not typically seen in his usual performances. Enjoy the session!

Also be sure to grab his latest album Stairway To Heaven on iTunes.

“One way” – Ashley Alexander
“Welcome to Baltimore”
“Soul Right” -Ashley Alexander
“Paper Chase” – Ashley Alexander
“Day at a Time”- Ashley Alexander, Eze Jackson
“Control” -Ashley Alexander, Kissi B
“Perfect Timing” -Ashley Alexander
“Free”- sax: Tim Green


Recorded on January 9, 2014 at Mobtown Studios

Vocals by Greenspan

Drums by Spyda

Keyboards by Jeff Mitchell

Bass by Donny

Produced by Mat Leffler-Schulman

Mixed and engineered by Paul Mercer

Filmed and edited by Nick Hughes

Photography by Tedd Henn